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ALMOND + FENNEL 73% Dark Chocolate


Rich and savory: Crunchy almonds are complemented by sweet-liquorice fennel seeds on dark chocolate of 73% raw + roasted cacao. Those cheeky fennel seeds are carefully applied to guarantee pleasure.

Artemis: your empowering and uplifting Antidote for indecision and uncertainty.


Certified “Made with Organic” | Vegan | Gluten Free | Kosher


Our bars are carefully crafted with organic single estate Arriba Nacional cacao beans and are special in several ways: 

  • Our unique flavor pairings combine low sugar, high cacao, and real herbs, spices, and fruits that are custom prepared for each batch to deliver a delicious original taste—never artificial flavors or essential oils.
  • We produce our chocolate in the country of cacao, which means there are no middlemen involved.  
  • Antidote gave the world its first 50/50 half raw and half roasted dark chocolate. Potent and delicious from the bean to the bar.
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Ingredients: cocoa beans, whole cane sugar, cacao butter, almond, fennel seeds, soy lecithin