December 2017

Shape Magazine


With fanciful flavors like almond + fennel and strawberry milk, Antidote chocolate bars make indulgent treats.

January 2016

Chicago Tribune

An antidote for too-sweet Valentine's Day chocolates!

There's nothing wrong with giving the gift of chocolate for Valentine's Day, but it's time to think outside the Whitman's/Russell Stover box. The sweetest option could be chocolate that's not very sweet at all.

Honest Cooking

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The resulting bars are truly an exception among other artisanal chocolates on the market. Blending the bright, fruitiness—and health benefits—of raw cacao with the enduring, complex notes of roasted dark chocolate, each Antidote product packs an incredible depth of flavor. What’s more, Red has developed a full line of goddess-inspired bars that pair her raw/roasted chocolate with such health-giving ingredients as “mango and juniper.”


InStyle seems to agree with us...eating Antidote Chocolate is a guilt-free pleasure.

"As a brand founded on the idea that a chocolate bar could be more like a good-for-you food than a sweet treat, Antidote's focus has been on creating nutritiously dense offerings"


December 2015

Food & Wine

After tasting hundreds of sweets in 2015, these are Food & Wine's 5 favorites from 2015:

"Almond + Fennel 73% cacao bar: "This unique bar from Antidote chocolate uses both raw and roasted cacao. The dark chocolate is flecked with crunchy almonds and toasty fennel seeds, and has a pleasant sweet-licorice note."


November 2015

Fortune Magazine

Can chocolate count as health food? Antidote certainly tries, combining the anti-oxidant power of raw cacao with exotic flavor blends like coffee cardamom. Healthy? Maybe. But certainly a new take on indulgence.

October 2015

Bon Appetit - In Print

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Trick or Treat? No, really. That is what we are asking after sampling a new trend in barely sweet chocolate bars. Two to try, Antidote's creative raw chocolate bars....

September 26, 2015

For Coffee Addicts

A bite out of this bar from Antidote immediately introduces the strong taste of coffee–it's like the chewable version of a cup of black. The cardamom is an added benefit, being an ingredient known for containing fiber and metabolism-aiding manganese.

September 17, 2015

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Raw cacao is packed with antioxidants, and Antidote chocolate reminds us to indulge with their mantra: “Health through pleasure.” The company sources all their coffee and cacao directly from Ecuador, which means this 73% dark chocolate cardamom + cacao bar is good for you, body and soul. Yes, that’s permission to eat as much as you want.

September 15, 2017

The best healthy chocolate bars that you can (and should) eat every day

“This is one of the few bars you can find in the U.S. that hits the 100 percent cacao mark—and it includes raw beans which are sourced and prepared specially on a farm in southwest Ecuador. All you need is a nibble, trust.”

September 11, 2015


“Red Thalhammer is not your average chocolate maker. From her name, it sounds like she’s more of a viking — a shield-maiden — which isn’t too far from the truth.

Augusts 8th. 2015

Bar Hopping: Why you should eat more chocolate bars this summer

“If the only type of chocolate you eat during the summer is chocolate ice cream, then Red Thalhammer, the Austrian-accented owner of Antidote Chocolate, has news for you: "Chocolate is a great summer food," she says, popping a piece into her mouth. "It gives you energy while keeping you light on your feet."

July 10th, 2015


Why we love it: Fancy chocolate may be trending, but around the office we’ve always been fans, taste-testing everything from drugstore bargain bins to LA’s most cleverly packaged. Antidote wins high marks for its beautiful design, but also for the fact it’s the world’s first raw and roasted bean-to-bar chocolate, containing high levels of the antioxidants that raw cacao is known to provide. A chocolate superfood that also tastes delicious? This one is a no-brainer.

June 24th, 2015

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Wheels up: Our strategy for summer air travel? Multitask and deplane while looking like a star. First, sidestep a pasty, post-flight complexion by feeding it some mid-flight skin food.

July 14th. 2015




Red approaches chocolate in a refreshingly new way; one which sees the food item as a remedy for your daily ailments, thanks to its antioxidant, antidepressant and anti-stress qualities. All Antidote Chocolate is made with raw cacao handpicked from Ecuador.

Thalhammer’s attention to detail doesn’t stop with the high-calibre chocolate she uses; she also pairs the stuff with organic ingredients for unique flavor combinations that really let the chocolate sing.

June 2, 2015


“challenging our conception of this delicious dessert treat. Antidote encourages daily consumption of their chocolate (no, you’re not dreaming!) as they look at it as a solution to balance energy levels, mood, and fatigue as well as a way to obtain their company ethos, “Health Through Pleasure.”

 “By combining this pristine level of quality with artisanal ingredients, antidote presents highly unique flavor profiles that are fit for the gods, which is why each bar is named after a deity.”

 Bottom line: a carefully sourced, ethically created, chocolate bursting in health benefits that you can eat every day? Sign us up. 

May 31, 2015

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“Rich in natural anti-oxidants, gluten-free, organic, vegan and kosher certified, Antidote’s delicious and healthy chocolates help to cure any bad day. Seamlessly combining unusual flavors to produce a unique sensual experience”

June 2nd, 2014

Queens food fest bringing fifty plus Big Apple eateries to Long Island City

“One of the participants, Antidote Chocolate, creates organic chocolate bars from Ecuadorian cacao beans, which they’ve been selling at the Chocolate Factory Theater for years. Still, said Red Thalhammer, the creator and owner, taking part is a no-brainer: It’s a key opportunity to have curious foodies fall in love with the company’s chocolate.”

April 4th, 2014

Red Thalhammer’s Antidote will Leave your Mouth Watering

Need a cure for life’s insufferable moments?  Red Thalhammer has just the cure for you. It’s a yummy, chocolatey, superfood-y, vegan-y, organic-y, antioxidant-y, cure called Antidote Chocolate. Go ahead, nibble some. Ok, nibble a lot.  Even when you wake up.  It’s good for you!

August 29th, 2013

Special Effects: Sweet Solution Chocolate for Your Jet Lag

“When it comes to fighting jet lag (adopting to the local time zone, staying up the first night, etc.), the school of thought that is our favorite is where doctors recommend chocolate as an in-flight or shortly after- landing snack to beat travel stress. Just any supermarket chocolate will not do the trick, look for high-quality dark chocolate with lots of flavonoids that serve as antioxidants. Antidote bars are a great source of energy and boast a 50/50 blend of raw and roasted Arriba cacao sustainably produced in Ecuador. Flavor combinations are exciting, like lavender and red salt, banana/cayenne, almond/fennel, ginger/goldenberry, and mango/juniper. Go ahead, indulge, it’s doctor’s orders, and there’s no health insurance required for this dreamy prescription. $6.50-$8 per 65 gram bar. 

July 5th, 2013

Get the Scoop

These delicious bars are beautifully packaged and come in such delectable flavors as mango + jupiter, rose salt + lemon, coffee + cardamom and banana + cayenne. I love having a few bites of chocolate during a flight and these bars are perfect to throw in your carry-on.

April 18th, 2013


New York – Chocolatier Red R Thalhammer has created a range of chocolate bars that offer consumers a bean-to-bar experience. Affluent Baby Boomers are investing in more healthy and functional foods that promote wellbeing and nutrition over unhealthy snacks, as we reported in our New Food Consumer Toolkit. The chocolate, Antidote, was created as a super-food rather than a snack, and comes in a range of flavors.

March 2013

Five items to make flying more fun



“On a particularly trying and difficult flight, you might yearn for a miracle pill to cure all your ailments. Interestingly, your best bet might be dark chocolate.”

 “Antidote founder Thalhammer, who travels frequently, contends that half a bar of Antidote chocolate is an anti-depressant and an appetite suppressant that tides you over until the next meal - and preferably one not eaten on a plane.”