Ms. Red - Not your typical chocolate maker!

Red Thalhammer, Founder and Tastemaker

Red Thalhammer, Founder and Tastemaker

Just as Antidote chocolate is beyond your typical chocolate bar, so is founder and creative force, Red Thalhammer. Born in Austria, Red began her entrepreneurial journey at the age of ten selling ice cream at her parents lakeside cafe. She is now one of a very small group of chocolate innovators who are working to expand the boundaries of chocolate as we know it.

A sharp visual sensibility led Red to the technical school of Graphic Design in Linz, Austria. After graduating, Red worked in advertising agencies in Salzburg, Linz, and Vienna, honing her skills in a variety of disciplines. After moving to New York City in her late 20’s without a job, a network, or knowledge of the country, Red set up her own business as a brand designer, and began collaborating with large companies on ambitious projects. As a conceptual and innovative design expert, Red has more than 20 years experience in Europe and the US developing, implementing and designing brand programs and packaging, including projects for Dove, Sprite, Organic Avenue, Pepsi Co., Starbucks and Procter & Gamble.

After a serendipitous text message with a friend in 2009, the idea for Antidote Chocolate was born.  Red was soon pouring long hours into melting, measuring and mixing chocolate in the tiny kitchen of her apartment. A nine-month quest to invent a new type of chocolate followed, with the ultimate goal of making a chocolate bar that feels more like a food rather than a sweet treat. Capitalizing on raw cacao’s reputation as an antioxidant-packed superfood she aimed to create a chocolate bar nutritiously dense to supply energy and stamina for people through their busy day. She tested and calculated each batch, settling on a 50/50 ratio of raw and roasted cacao from Ecuador, where all Antidote Chocolate bars are manufactured.

Today, with their headquarter office in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Antidote comes in 10 truly unique flavors on their "SERIOUS CHOCOLATE" bars incorporating fruits, nuts, salts and spices with cacao contents ranging from 73% to 100% while still being deliciously low in sugar. Antidote just launched 2 bars of "BIG KID CHOCOLATE" which is a new breed of milk chocolate low in sugar and big in flavor.

Antidote is made bean-to-bar exclusively with the highest quality single estate Arriba Nacional beans known for their fine floral flavor profile.  Red is in Ecuador frequently to coordinate with providers, visit the farm and oversee production.

Antidote Chocolate is carried in more than 300 select stores nationwide, with further distribution in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Japan.