Why is Antidote A healthier choice?

1)    Potent with high cacao content: 77%, 84% and 100% cacao
2)    Extremely dark = minimally sweetened with whole cane sugar
3)    Use of raw cacao 
(specially treated and min. processed below 118 degrees F.)
4)    Purity, freshness, and high quality
5)    Made with organic ingredients

Here is a list of the most prominent elements in cocoa:


ANTIOXIDANTS – shields free radicals to protect against aging. Cocoa has by far the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food in the world. Raw cocoa has an antioxidant value that is four times that of the Acai berry, which is known for being extremely high.

MAGNESIUM – for heart, brain power, strong bones

IRON – critical mineral for nutrition

CHROMIUM – to balance blood sugar

MANGANESE – an essential trace mineral

ZINC – for immune support

COPPER – for healthy blood

VITAMIN C – contains antioxidants, especially in raw cocoa

ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS – especially in raw cocoa

PHENYLETHYLAMINE PEA – for focus and alertness

ANANDAMIDE – the bliss chemical

TRYPTOPHAN – regulates the appetite, for better sleep, helps with relaxation

SEROTONIN – mood enhancing, our feel-good hormone

FIBER – for a good digestive system

SULPHUR – for strong hair and nails

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