Need a reason to give Antidote this season?


Do you still have names on your holiday gift list? Not to fear! Antidote is here. We have something for every personality and all tastes, plus these seven reasons why Antidote makes the perfect holiday gift: 

1. It’s a delicious, nutritious treat with very little sugar – now that is hard to find.

 2. It’s energizing. After all that shopping and all those holiday parties, who couldn’t use a little pep in their step?

3. It’s beautiful. The splendor of each bar—from the nutrients and flavor inside, to the pretty packaging outside—says, “I care for you.”

4. It’s a wonderful antidote to holiday stress of all kinds. 

5. It’s personal. Each of our bars features a patron with a unique vibe and story, so choose one that’s the best match for the recipient you have in mind. 

  • Goddess Kakia’s zest for life is the Antidote to passivity.Goddess Hybris’ bold temperament is the Antidote to fear and timidity.
  • Goddess Kakia’s zest for life is the Antidote to passivity.
  • Goddess Hybris’ bold temperament is the Antidote to fear and timidity.
  • Goddess Artemis’ strengths is the Antidote to weak moments.
  • Goddess Aletheias’ divine truth is the Antidote to lies and delusion.
  • Goddess Hebe’s youthful spirit is the Antidote to the mundane.
  • Goddess Hestia’s heat is the Antidote to the cold vagaries of the outside world.
  • Goddess Panakeia’s healing potions are the Antidote to anything that strikes your heart or soul.
  • Goddess Gaia’s nurturing spirit and natural harmony is the Antidote to stress and anxiety.
  • Aztec God Tonacatehcutli’s warmth is the Antidote to dead ends and vicious cycles.
  • Aztec God Xochipilli’s passion is the Antidote to a broken heart.
  • Explorer’s daydreams are the Antidote to lost playfulness.
  • Magician’s endless wonderland is the Antidote to the passing of time.

6. It’s love. Cacao beans contain caffeine and theobromine, which stimulate blood flow in the brain, decrease fatigue, increase cardiac activity—and elevate serotonin levels. You might recognize serotonin as that warm fuzzy feeling when you are in love!

7. It’s free to send. You won’t have to pay for shipping for any order over $40. What’s not to love about that? Code: LOVE

Gift-note BONUS! Tell us what you want to say to the recipient, and we’ll include it in a note with the package.