Elegant Pairings: Ginger + Panela

Spicy meets Sweet when Ginger mixes with Panela.


Flavors and their complements are a sensitive science that tastemaker Red Thalhammer is constantly exploring. Ginger, known for its lively flavor, is helpful in reducing nausea and inflammation as well as stimulating circulation within the body. When paired with our 77% dark chocolate its invigorating flavor is set a light, exciting your taste buds while simultaneously providing you with energy and renewed vigor. Enjoy the way Panela mingles with ginger while our 77% dark chocolate serves as the perfect base for a smooth flavor sensation (think sweet meets spicy with earthy tobacco notes). One piece will leave you both refreshed and stimulated by this dynamic duo packed with a subtle smokey flare. We think you will love this elegant new combination even more than the last. 

-Antidote: Find your Health through Pleasure