Into the wild from 0° to 48° latitude


As the weather warms this season, we pause to celebrate all the seeds we sow to nurture a healthy growth. 

Ecuador, Manabi -0.30°  -79.83°

At the heart of Antidote is cacao, precisely because the many nutrients and antioxidants in it are a natural antidote to stress, emotional blues and other human ailments. Theobroma cacao, a most precious tropical evergreen tree, is grown for the edible seeds nestled within its cacao pods. When I travel to Ecuador to oversee and coordinate production, I evaluate these seeds – more commonly known as “beans” – by taste, color and shape before making roasting tests. I also visit the cacao farms we work with and spend some time with patrons and people there. There is a variety of cacao trees, some over 100 years old, with pod colors from red to green and brownish. Each color presents a different flavor profile. The protocol and production for each of our chocolate percentages is different and geared towards leveraging the natural notes of the beans we select with a lower heat process to protect their power. As a side note, the name “Theobroma cacao” translates as “cacao, the food of the gods” in Greek, which is why our eight flavor fusion bars are named after Greek goddesses. The attributes of these deities are matched with the powers of our ingredients and pairings.

Brooklyn, NY  40.73°  -73.95°

In the Big Apple, the seeds we plant are of a different nature, namely with our customers and wholesale partners. In time, many have come to rely on our Antidote to the hectic pace of a New York minute—a nourishing treat that calms stress, eases tension and satiates hunger at any time of day (or night!). 

Upper Austria  48.34°   14.17°

When I go back to visit my family in Austria, I’m looking at trees again – not cacao trees but many other varieties – with my father in our forest. He is a healthy 85 years old and loves to give me an in-depth overview of the age, type and health of the trees. There is no way out! In the last few weeks, he replanted 900 maples, 75 oaks, 200 spruces, 370 Douglas firs and 40 firs to counteract the necessary eroding from a beetle disease that affected the forest. That is a total of 1545 new trees he has planted (with an NYPD cap on his head). I’m thankful he has sown these seeds for the enjoyment of many generations to come.

To put that in relation to the seeds we're planting in 2018, I’m playing with flavor pairings for three new chocolate bar recipes! In the bigger picture, hopefully the thousands of bars we produce throughout this year reach those who need an Antidote and their emotional afflictions are transformed into ease and happiness, one piece at a time.

Chocolate for Beauty – An Indulgence for Your Hair, Skin, and Nails!


Our hair, skin, and nails act as a barometer for overall health, because their condition is a direct reflection of our internal well-being. Here’s how the ingredients in cacao benefit us on the inside while making us look great on the outside: 

Polyphenols for Radiant, Glowing Skin

Polyphenols, and specifically flavanols, found in cacao have a positive impact on cardiovascular health by protecting cells from free radicals that can damage cell membranes, proteins, and DNA. Healthy cardiovascular cells mean healthy blood vessels that can better pump blood and deliver oxygen. In order to maintain a healthy head of hair, our scalp needs a steady supply of blood carrying oxygen and nutrients to nourish our hair follicles and thus keep them alive and growing hair.  

Glowing, young-looking skin needs a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients to maintain strong interactions with underlying connective tissue to keep it from sagging and wrinkling.  Optimal blood flow also encourages healthy turnover of dead skin cells to keep the top layer looking young and fresh. Flavanols also act like a natural, internal sunscreen, protecting skin cells from sun damage.    

Good blood flow is also essential to keep our nail beds healthy and allows nails to grow strong, free from splits, ridges, brittleness, or fungal infections.   

Magnesium for Vibrant Hair and Nails

Cacao is one of the richest food sources of magnesium. After potassium, magnesium is the second most abundant cation (molecule with a positive charge) in the body.  

Magnesium is essential for maintaining normal blood pressure and reducing inflammation in blood vessels, both of which facilitate the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to our scalp for healthy, vibrant hair and to nail beds for healthy nails.  

One of the first places that sluggish digestion shows up is in the skin in the form of breakouts.  Magnesium draws water into the lower GI tract to help regulate bowel function and regularly eliminate toxins and waste. 

Iron and Zinc for Full, Lustrous Hair and Beautiful Nails

Cacao is a good source of iron and zinc, both of which are essential for healthy hair and preventing hair loss.  In addition, when iron is low, nails will take on a spoon shape, and they can develop white spots from zinc deficiency. 

Who would have thought that chocolate could be so good and so good for you? In moderation, a good quality chocolate with a high cacao content can feel like an indulgence while also making you feel good about your hair, skin, and nails.


Linda DiBella, PhD. is a functional nutrition consultant who successful detoxification programs help her clients lose weight and optimize their health. She can be found on Facebook or via email at

Need a reason to give Antidote this season?


Do you still have names on your holiday gift list? Not to fear! Antidote is here. We have something for every personality and all tastes, plus these seven reasons why Antidote makes the perfect holiday gift: 

1. It’s a delicious, nutritious treat with very little sugar – now that is hard to find.

 2. It’s energizing. After all that shopping and all those holiday parties, who couldn’t use a little pep in their step?

3. It’s beautiful. The splendor of each bar—from the nutrients and flavor inside, to the pretty packaging outside—says, “I care for you.”

4. It’s a wonderful antidote to holiday stress of all kinds. 

5. It’s personal. Each of our bars features a patron with a unique vibe and story, so choose one that’s the best match for the recipient you have in mind. 

  • Goddess Kakia’s zest for life is the Antidote to passivity.Goddess Hybris’ bold temperament is the Antidote to fear and timidity.
  • Goddess Kakia’s zest for life is the Antidote to passivity.
  • Goddess Hybris’ bold temperament is the Antidote to fear and timidity.
  • Goddess Artemis’ strengths is the Antidote to weak moments.
  • Goddess Aletheias’ divine truth is the Antidote to lies and delusion.
  • Goddess Hebe’s youthful spirit is the Antidote to the mundane.
  • Goddess Hestia’s heat is the Antidote to the cold vagaries of the outside world.
  • Goddess Panakeia’s healing potions are the Antidote to anything that strikes your heart or soul.
  • Goddess Gaia’s nurturing spirit and natural harmony is the Antidote to stress and anxiety.
  • Aztec God Tonacatehcutli’s warmth is the Antidote to dead ends and vicious cycles.
  • Aztec God Xochipilli’s passion is the Antidote to a broken heart.
  • Explorer’s daydreams are the Antidote to lost playfulness.
  • Magician’s endless wonderland is the Antidote to the passing of time.

6. It’s love. Cacao beans contain caffeine and theobromine, which stimulate blood flow in the brain, decrease fatigue, increase cardiac activity—and elevate serotonin levels. You might recognize serotonin as that warm fuzzy feeling when you are in love!

7. It’s free to send. You won’t have to pay for shipping for any order over $40. What’s not to love about that? Code: LOVE

Gift-note BONUS! Tell us what you want to say to the recipient, and we’ll include it in a note with the package. 

Antidote’s flavor pairings: Harmony in chocolate


“Crafting flavors is like creating art or composing music. The process needs drama, high points and low points, and a bit of tension woven throughout. When that all comes together, you have a symphony made of chocolate.” –Red

What makes our flavors so special? 

The right ingredients, in the right amounts, prepared the right way

We love unusual flavors! Several of our favorite ingredients, such as lavender, red salt, fennel and juniper, had never been seen in chocolate before we began using them. We take great pride in coming up with concoctions that are not just different, but delicious. However, we also realize that not everything works with chocolate.  Some ingredients are simply too mild for dark blends, for example strawberry, coconut and chamomile. Others, such as salts or juniper, might sound delicious on paper but need just the right dose to please the palate. Some fruit flavors, such as banana, mango, ginger and lemon, need specific preparation to be used at all.

We take all of this into account when crafting our flavor pairings and work tirelessly until they are perfect. Once we design the flavor, each slow-roasted cacao bars is loaded with rich Arriba Nacional beans from Ecuador and chunks of fruits and spices designed specifically for each batch. Using real ingredients creates a rich, pure aroma with a complexity and wholeness that cannot be achieved with essential oils and other flavorings. The fruits are custom prepared, also in Ecuador, either entirely without sugar or with a little panela, an unrefined whole cane sugar with a caramel taste. 

A touch of texture on top

Aside from the flavor, real bits of fruit, seeds, flowers, salts and spices literally burst from each of our bars, providing a delightful sensation for your tongue. Who doesn’t like a little chunk in their chocolate? We certainly do!



Slow Roasted Replacing Raw + Roasted


In 2010 we launched our very first flavor fusion bars featuring the unique combination of raw and roasted cacao, marrying the antioxidant and nutrient boost of raw cacao with the complex aromas of roasted beans. 7 years later, our recipe has evolved, but our mission remains the same: to provide an Antidote to your emotional ailments while delivering MORE flavor, MORE texture, and MORE nutrients.

Welcome to Flavor Town 2.0! Our new slow roasted Antidote bars are loaded with the same exquisite Arriba Nacional cacao and real chunks of fruits, nuts and salts, to suit your every flavor mood. However, the slow roasting process is gentle on our beans, which protects their integrity and maximizes their antioxidant and nutritional potency. The result is a wonderful sensuous aroma and a delightful treat for our serious chocolate lovers.

Working with raw cacao is a complex process of temperature controlled fermentation and proprietary tree-to-bar treatment that we value and will continue to use for our 100% bars. The slow roasting gives us more room and diversity to work with different farms on our flavor fusion bars. The 77% and 84% bars feature extraordinary cacao from Manabi, noted for its fruity and floral aroma. The resulting deeper cacao flavor creates a dramatic stage for all our exquisite flavor pairings to dance on. We are delighted for you to experience our new bars and hear your comments!

Our refined packaging showcases a gloss coat over the logo for subtle visual distinction, so keep an eye out or order from our online store. All orders and flavors will ship from the “slow roasted” batch. Experience the enhanced flavor square by square. Feel the difference.

Delicious Versatility 24 x 7

In the world of chocolate we hear a great deal about award-winning chocolate, a little about award-winning effects, and even less about the combination of both. It is possible to have a chocolate that tastes decadent and also has powerful nutrients backing it up. Antidote is a fun & delicious, yet functional food that will satiate you for pleasure, stress, or hunger, at any time of the day.

Need Love?

Cacao beans contain caffeine and theobromine which stimulate blood flow in the brain, decrease fatigue, and increase cardiac activity after consuming. The result is elevated serotonin activity. You might recognize serotonin as that warm fuzzy feeling when you are in love!


Cacao beans contain polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant that reduces the levels of two stress hormones in your body: cortisol and catecholamines. Studies have shown that daily dark chocolate consumption normalizes stress-related differences in energy metabolism and gut microbial activities. So, less stress and better digestion!


Dark Chocolate is perfect to nourish and curb hunger. The trademark flavor of the cacao bean - a pleasant bitterness - has a very important purpose. A slightly bitter flavor on the tastebuds can decrease food cravings in the brain for up to 4 hours. Levels of ghrelin, the hormone responsible for increasing appetite, are significantly lower after eating a square of dark chocolate!

On a diet?

Apart from curbing food cravings, dark chocolate can work as an excellent long term appetite suppressant and metabolic stimulant. The stearic acid and soluble dietary fibers in cacao beans help slow digestion to help you feel fuller longer, and caffeine increases the metabolic rate which in turn increases fat burn in the body.

As a treat?

Why do we crave chocolate? Apart from the feel-good benefits delivered from the 100+ identified compounds in the cacao bean, it is a sensory delight! The complex aroma, the burst of flavor, the creamy texture - is not easily forgotten. The gratifying feeling and deep and complex flavor notes of chocolate stay with your tastebuds long after.

Seeking Pleasure?

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is a famed aphrodisiac. But, why? The amino acid arginine in cacao helps make nitric oxide that also relaxes blood vessels for better flow and important for a strong libido! Then, there’s the phenylethylamine content. PEA is a stimulant and mood-elevator that’s also released by the brain when you’re in love. The stimulation caused by the PEA produces dopamine - the neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of reward & satisfaction.

Feeling Down?

It’s no wonder you reach for chocolate! Cacao beans contain the bliss molecule anandamide that work like an antidepressant. This neurotransmitter, only found elsewhere in marijuana, activates pleasure receptors in the brain. It also contains amino acid that’s a powerhouse at creating serotonin, which produces feelings of relaxation and well-being. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid in humans - meaning it cannot be produced by the body and must be provided by the diet!

Need focus?

Besides being an excellent reward for a job well done, chocolate contains a mild amount of caffeine. This psychoactive substance creates temporary alertness and decreases drowsiness. Also present are xanthines - stimulants which occur naturally in the brain and, like caffeine, increase wakefulness. The high levels of flavanols in dark chocolate also create feelings similar to those of a mild analgesic (or painkiller). Some recent studies have shown that daily consumption of dark chocolate can even prevent age-related cognitive decline!

For radiant skin, hair and nails!

The sulfur in cacao is important for detoxification by the liver and for healthy hair, skin, and nails. Flavonoids protect against UV damage, and increase blood flow to the skin, improving its appearance.

*Cacao is also the number one source of magnesium.  (Magnesium deficiencies can contribute to ADD, cancer, menstrual cramps, constipation, depression, osteoporosis, migraines, cardiovascular disease, and arthritis.) Cacao is also a good source of vitamins A, C, E, as well as the minerals copper, calcium, and manganese.

For a Healthy Heart?

Both theobromine and high levels of *magnesium found in cacao help to relax blood vessels for better blood flow. Flavanols found in cacao are believed to reduce LDL oxidation, improve blood flow and reduce inflammation.


These are only some of the multitude of benefits that the cacao bean has to offer. Notice we said cacao bean and not chocolate bar! Not all chocolate is created equal, and unfortunately any chocolate bar from the supermarket isle won’t provide all these health benefits. To reap the benefits that the natural cacao bean has to offer, Antidote is made with low sugar and high cacao content that is specially processed from start to finish to maintain more of these crucial nutrients and antioxidants. And so, this Antidote is wonderful multifunctional.


Keeping the Magic in the Bean

Ecuador Farms

Experimenting With Cacao in Ecuador

Antidote Founder, Red, has recently returned from a week in Ecuador, where she was surrounded by cacao pods, farmers, and their kids - little rockstars.

Our top priority is full flavor while preserving the power of the bean and preserving flavonols, magnesium and pectins. Red is constantly experimenting with cacao to improve our process. To maintain the highest amount of nutrients possible, we work directly with our farmers and production team to specify the exact temperature and level of fermentation, our cacao drying procedures, and temperatures for further processing methods for all Antidote chocolate bars. Fermenting and roasting (if not working with raw cacao) are some of the most critical steps to ensure delicious AND healthy chocolate.

Preserving the Power of Cacao.

Red works directly with Vicente, an expert in cacao fermentation, and has the gratifying experience of matching his know-how to our attention to detail. Working with Vicente allows Antidote to make pure dark chocolate with cacao percentages between 73% and 100% without any trace of bitterness. How is this possible? Rather than separating the cacao beans from their surrounding pulp before processing, our farmers use the natural sugars already in the pulp during the fermentation process. As a result, this delivers a very delicate, non-acidic and low astringency cacao bean - perfect for our dark chocolate - that allows us to lower the sugar in every Antidote bar!

Antidote has led the dark chocolate industry in creating more potent and pure formulations of dark chocolate bars, particularly our famous “Raw 100% Bars,” and it’s always an honor to hear of European chocolate companies who have gotten in touch with our Ecuadorian partners to find the source of Antidote cacao beans. However, it’s not that simple. Apart from sourcing the finest cacao, we also take extra steps for the finest production methods available. For each of our chocolate bars, we have a cacao formula that is exclusive to Antidote - including cacao region, fermentation level, drying method, and roasting temperature. Antidote chocolate bars are some of the most complicated to produce due to the temperature control throughout the entire process. We pay attention to the details because we are SERIOUS about preserving the natural power of cacao!

The Natural Power of Cacao

Highly specific production methods allow Antidote to deliver the most nutritious benefits the cacao bean has to offer. The health benefits of cacao, presented in potent form in an Antidote dark chocolate bar, shine through. Thanks to cacao, dark chocolate has a very high ORAC level.

ORAC means “Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity,” and is a unit of measurement to rate antioxidant content in foods which was developed by the National Institute on Aging. Wild Blueberries (a known antioxidant powerhouse) have an ORAC level of 9621. Goji Berries come in at 3290, while dark chocolate lands at a tremendous 20816!

And, it’s not just a marketing scare tactic. Protecting against the detrimental effects of oxidative stress is one of the most important things you can do to prevent aging. While there are many compounds in Antidote’s dark chocolate that contribute to this awesome ORAC level, there are three that stand out.

Serious Nutrients, Serious Chocolate

There are three important nutrients that contribute to dark chocolate’s high ORAC level and this is what we are trying to maintain in the bean: flavonoids, pectins, & magnesium.

Flavonoids are phytonutrients - they help plants resist disease and bacteria as they grow. The flavonoid present in cacao is flavonol, and is what contributes to the cacao bean’s natural bitterness. Flavonol can lower blood pressure & cholesterol, improve glucose metabolism, and improve brain function.

Pectins are a form of soluble fiber. While we all know how important fiber is, we still don’t get enough! The recommended amount of daily fiber intake for an adult is 20-35g; the average American gets about 10-15g. Pectins also lower cholesterol and protect against colon cancer.

Magnesium is 1 of the 7 essential macrominerals you should always include in your diet. It helps maintain normal muscle & nerve function, keeps heart rhythm steady, keeps bones strong, and supports a healthy immune system. Sometimes when you are craving dark chocolate, your body is telling you it needs magnesium.

Feel the Difference

What all of this means is that when you eat Antidote chocolate, you can FEEL the difference.

All of these nutrients exist naturally in cacao beans - it’s up to us to make sure they stay there once they become dark chocolate bars. High quality production methods means more antioxidants which means better health. Instead of giving in to a craving with a sugary chocolate, boost your mood and your health with Antidote dark chocolate.

A Kiss From a Goddess

Have you ever noticed?

If you look closely, you will discover a heart-shaped mouth on all our Antidote packaging. You may not have realized it, but these little kisses are sent to you direct from a goddess! If the illustration looks too abstract to you, look for the mouth on the front of the box, and you will see a goddess peeking out.

All our Antidote flavor fusion bars depict a Greek goddess that embodies the taste characteristics of the bar - she is illustrated on the front of the bar by the ingredients that compose her: 

Kakia (Wicked Goddess of Vice), with a full head of coffee beans and a necklace of cardamom, blows you a kiss.

Hebe (Goddess of Youth), laughing wildly, juggles a handful of lemons.

Hestia (Goddess of Hearth Fire)’s banana headdress and fiery hair reminds you of the warmth in the bar.

Panakeia (Goddess of Cures and Well-Being), patterned with lavender flowers, soothes your soul.

Artemis (Goddess of Hunt, Wilderness, & Moon) in her almond headdress aims her bow and arrow directly for you.

Aletheia (Goddess of Truth & Wisdom) - with a necklace of ginger pieces, invites you to taste.

Hybris (Goddess of Pride & Insolence)’s mango-reminiscent coiffure gives you buoyancy with each bite.

Gaia (Goddess of Mother Earth) looks to the sky, surrounded by cacao trees.


Design Thinking: From the inside to the Outside

The primary focus is always on the chocolate, of course. It’s even in our name - Antidote: Serious Chocolate. The good stuff always comes first! However, we think the outside is just as important as the inside. As far as chocolate packaging design within the industry, we see a lot of packages that are designed to look handmade. Sentimental romanticism is something that people love, but unfortunately it leads to lots of praise being heaped upon amateurish designs. In an era where everyone feels like an expert - everyone has access to the tools and knowledge of the internet - our judgment for what’s good quality has become sometimes overly subjective. With social media attention, everyone can be a writer, designer, photographer, creative director, etc. Unfortunately, this can lead to amateurism and mediocrity. At Antidote, we yearn to develop a more heightened sense of determining what is good quality and what is just unprofessional. A handmade ‘look’ can be charming, hip, and cool - but don’t let quirkiness hide poor design!

In the boutique food industry, woodcut prints, hand drawn fonts, antique imagery from the last century, and retro design are very popular. These elements are fine when applied with thought and expertise, but retro design, if not well done, is pure kitsch. A marriage between retro and modern is necessary! The way into the future is not the way of the past. Particularly if your retro design costs so much to handprint onto fancy paper that it drives up the cost of your product! The label “hipster” in the chocolate industry is a dreaded one, as it has come to denote inaccessibility, unnecessary cost, and dubious quality. There’s nothing cool about that! At Antidote, we strive for a packaging design that is affordable, looks clean, feels luxurious, and tells you a story about the chocolate inside.


The Euphoric Heart


“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” It certainly doesn’t fact, chocolate is love! Charles M. Schulz was more true than he knew. Chocolate, more than just being a palliative measure for the blues, can actually reproduce the feeling of being in love. It all comes down to getting the right chemicals to activate the right neurons in your brain. How does chocolate make you feel like you’re in love? Cacao beans contain very high concentrations of some important compounds that are key to keeping your brain happy and your mood lifted.

Caffeine + Theobromine

Cacao beans contain caffeine and theobromine which stimulate blood flow in the brain, decrease fatigue, and increase cardiac activity after consuming. The result is elevated serotonin activity. You might recognize serotonin as the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you look at someone you love, or at a bar of Antidote. :)


PEA, or phenethylamine, is probably the strongest “love chemical” in chocolate. Even though it occurs in small quantities, it triggers massive endorphin release in the brain. These happy little endorphins produce a pleasant, euphoric feeling. PEA also makes the activity of dopamine, an antidepressant that floods your system when in love, more potent.


The name for this compound comes from the Sanskrit word ananda, which means bliss. This compound naturally occurs in three places - chocolate, the human brain, and marijuana. With the ability to produce powerful feelings of euphoria, this compound is why some get very relaxed and peaceful after eating a bar of chocolate. While many think that chocolate is merely a libido-enhancer, it can actually reproduce the sensation of being in love!

All these compounds are in cacao but even stronger and multiplied in a chocolate with high cacao percentage and when raw cacao is used. Now you’ve got the Antidote Love with all feel-good love compounds in higher doses. Low in sugar and potent with raw cacao and botanicals, Antidote will give you an extra love boost every day.


Our commitment to sustainability and organic practices - but quality and flavor first!


We are making some changes to Antidote, and wanted to fill you in. Transparency is key for consumers to make informed decisions, so they know exactly what they are putting into their bodies. It’s important to us too when we buy food, and this led to transparency as a priority for Antidote as well. Let’s take a look at our commitment to you, our Antidote customers, and what you can expect in the future. 

1) Organic ingredients

For many years now we have used organic ingredients whenever possible. We’ve been lucky to find high quality certified organic cacao. The fruits and flavor ingredients we source in Ecuador have been more challenging though. It took a while to gather more and more ingredients organic, finally having 7 out of 10 bars fully organic certified with the USDA seal. The remaining 3 bars were 90% to 95% organic and did not have the seal.

We are making a few changes as some of the vendors we partner with have dropped the organic certification. Many of you may be aware of the high cost the certification incurs. In addition to the financial impact, many of our vendors also felt the administrative burden that resulted from all of the requirements. So we at Antidote had a decision to make. Maintaining the superior level of quality and delicious flavor we deliver is and always will be one of the most important factors we consider when sourcing ingredients. So while we are still using many certified organic ingredients, some of our ingredients will no longer be certified. The coffee for the year-round favorite coffee + cardamom bar, for example, will no longer be certified organic. After researching (and taste testing!) different organic suppliers, we simply couldn’t find the quality we needed. Organic is great when it delivers on flavor and quality, but that isn’t always the case. Additionally, the cacao farm we work with went through some changes with their organic certification, further impacting our organic status. 

2) Sustainability

We have a proverb in Germany: “aus der Not eine Tugend machen”, meaning to make a virtue out of emergency. In other words, while these changes were driven by necessity, we decided to take this as an opportunity to strengthen our commitments to you: to deliver high quality, and promote sustainability.

Instead of working with one certified organic farm as we did in the past, we now work with many small, independent farms, contributing to a larger part of Ecuador’s community and economy. Supporting the families who own these farms is one of the advantages of sourcing naturally grown cacao (no pesticides or chemical fertilizers) rather than being limited to a certified organic farm. We carefully choose these farms to partner with, and teach them our unique processes to achieve the desired flavor. We are happy to support these families, and in turn increase our support for the community as a whole.

What the Future Holds

So within the next months you’ll find beautiful Antidote packages without organic seals. And we trade that in for even better quality. We are 100% committed to a clean product full of flavor and free from chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Most of our other ingredients will be from the same organic source, including many of our spices and cacao butter, for example. What we are NOT committed to is the certification organizations. The certification has been a headache since day one, and we look forward to putting more energy in what we love—making chocolate that is super delicious and an Antidote that makes you feel good.

Even though we continue to use many certified organic ingredients, the packaging will no longer show any certification. We sell in Europe and Asia in addition to the US, and the organic laws differ for each region. Producing in the country of origin (Ecuador) adds another layer of complexity in regards to EU organic law. As a result even when we had USDA certified organic bars, we were not allowed to sell them in  Europe designated as organic. This led to printing additional versions of labels to remove organic references; yet another challenge to overcome!

In short, here are the upcoming changes:

  • naturally grown cacao instead of certified organic cacao
  • no organic certification for our bars
  • the certified organic ingredients we do use won’t be labeled as such on the packaging
  • supporting more small, independent farms and families in Ecuador
  • even better cacao flavor

As always:

  • continued commitment to ultimate quality and sustainability
  • No GMO’s
  • No artificial flavors, not even essential oils

We hope you continue to trust us to make delicious chocolate that is good for you in all ways. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or comments. We'd love to hear from you!

The Antidote to Halloween Tricks

With Halloween right around the corner, we have the perfect Antidote to all of the sugary candy that will leave you with a tummy ache: delicious, serious and healthy chocolate. 

Healthy Chocolate that's incredibly delicious—no tricks!


Ginger + Panela Antidote. Spicy ginger pieces with the caramel aroma of panela sugar mingle on dark chocolate of 77% raw and roasted cacao, every batch prepared lovingly. It sounds dark but is a refreshing, healthy treat without any bitterness.

How can chocolate be healthy? We’ve thought about that, a lot! 

  1. Low sugar, high in cacao - We use high percentages of the best cacao available in our chocolate bars to leverage the incredible health benefits of cacao. Our dark chocolate bars range from 73% - raw 100% cacao, allowing you to choose your level of seriousness! The cacao and fruits, seeds and spices take center stage instead of sugar, creating a flavor experience as well as a healthy chocolate snack. Our creamy milk chocolate bars too have a high percentage of cacao at 56%, and much less sugar than any other milk chocolate, perfect to awaken your inner kid!
  2. Raw cacao - By working with raw cacao, our chocolate retains important nutrients that are lost with fully roasted bars. More antioxidants, vitamins and flavonoids make Antidote a more potent and, with our genious half raw and half roasted approach, incredibly delicious chocolate. Simply Health through Pleasure.

What does raw mean at Antidote?

Simply put, we make the most raw cacao that we can. Cacao beans need to be processed much more than, say, raw broccoli or juice. However, the word “raw" at Antidote speaks to our process: strict temperature controlling and the least amount of processing possible. We do this to retain as much of the beans’ properties as possible. Learn more from our blog post “The Myth & Mastering of Raw Chocolate.”

A Real Antidote

Need help getting through a mid-week slump? Stress got you frazzled? There’s an Antidote for that! This Antidote makes you feel good, and is good for you. It can be the nutrient-rich superfood that boosts your day when you’re too busy for lunch, or your daily Antidote for finding balance. Founder and tastemaker Red was inspired to create an Antidote to her own heart blues: in the form of a healthy chocolate treat, and now you can have one too. Antidote is not just a cool brand name, each of our bars have real Antidote powers. 

Visit our Shop Bars page to get your Antidote fix! Cheers!