Red R. Thalhammer
Not your average chocolate maker


Antidote Choco’s founder and creative mind Red Thalhammer is far from your average chocolatier. The Austrian native’s first experience with food was through her family’s restaurant and farming business where she worked since the age of 10 - starting with selling soft-ice cream.  She became a communications designer, and in the latter decade of her solid career, she specialized in packaging design and branding for fine foods and beverages. Her original work under the company name Tripple Red has brought her nominations and a feature in the book The World’s Best 200 Packaging Designers.


She wanted more: To create a product on the inside and not just on the outside; this idea became an obsession.  Red’s passion and expertise for consumer products was the impetus for her to make her own product.  With her passion for wellness, her personal exploration of the subject, complimented by Austria’s tradition of delivering the most outstanding desserts, all led her to chocolate since cacao in its natural state is one of the most desirable and powerful superfoods available.  Awakened by a desire to re-invent and re-design in a socially responsible way, Red is continuously inspired with ideas for new flavors and new products while running the company and many other things.  Antidote is also financed by self-made bucks. Click here to see Red speak about her inspiration, her vision and creation.







Claudio G.B.S. (guy behind the scenes)
Not the average facilitator and marketing genius

Our GBS is an Internet virgin and he wants to keep it that way. His creativity, ingenuity and support along the way including marketing, research and tasting chocolate from the beginnings make him the godfather of Antidote.











Production team


Antidote chocolate is made with the gentle touch and love of sweet and caring Ecuadorians. Time stands still down south, and there is no sign of stress, just a peaceful environment and good energy that goes into each bar. That is extremely important to us, and it’s what we like most working with them besides the fact that they do a really good job—as you can taste. Each bar is individually wrapped and sealed with attention to detail.

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