Seeing red? Feeling blue? There’s an Antidote for that.


That’s how it all started. Red, the Austrian born, Brooklyn based Antidote founder and tastemaker went through some blues of her own and decided that there should be a delicious, palate awakening, bliss popping chocolate pill to counter-act all manner of emotional afflictions. Antidote - serious chocolate was born nine months later.

Serious Chocolate

For purists who can't get enough dark chocolate, Antidote is delightful and delicious and satisfies when you need that boost. It gives more flavor, more texture and more power! The Flavor-Fusion dark bars with slow roasted cacao, low sugar Milk Chocolate, and Raw 100% bars – all are loaded with rich Arriba Nacional beans from Ecuador and real chunks of fruits and spices. We go darker, with little to no added sugar and maximize the potency of antioxidants and nutrients. It becomes the Antidote to all emotional ailments. Lift your spirits. Boost your moods. Feel the difference!

We craft all our chocolate bars in Ecuador, the country of cacao. We pioneered the fusion of raw and roasted cacao that we just updated to "slow roasted", resulting in subtle and complex cacao aromas reflecting the Arriba Nacional beans’ delicate flavor and at the same time protecting as much antioxidants and nutrients as possible.

We merge this future-forward approach with exuberant flavor pairings. Salts, spices and fruits are carefully selected, dried and prepared in particular processes for each ingredient to get the best flavor in the most natural way. We never use any essential oils or other flavorings - only real real bits and pieces. All of our chocolate bars are low in sugar and high in flavor, retaining potent nutrients as we believe in “Health through Pleasure”—an inherent principle of Antidote that we reflect in all three unique lines. Antidote is a new breed of chocolate that can be your delightful afternoon treat and your daily Antidote to any challenge.

NY - Austria - Ecuador

Founded in 2010, based and inspired by New York, the Austrian tradition of expansive flavors and premium quality is fused with Ecuador’s top ingredients, including the world’s best cacao – the perfect marriage. We work closely with our farmers and providers, paying wages far above market rate for these best-in-class cacao beans. We use organic ingredients as much as possible and only whenever it is also best in quality and flavor. Read more on our blog on our commitment to sustainability and organic practices.




We work in close collaboration with Vicente and other small farms and cooperatives in the South West of Ecuador, who custom prepare the cacao for each of our batches, using bespoke techniques for the raw and roasted beans respectively. We use carefully selected Arriba Nacional beans that are best in class, and some prized by the Salon du Chocolat for their superb floral flavor.


 Producing our chocolate in the country of cacao allows us access not only to the beans itself but to other lush ingredients right from the source – from coffee and mango to ginger and panela. It also fosters a direct relationship with suppliers and farmers whom we collaborate with to fine-tune every step of the process.

Using her own recipes that she has been developing in New York and Ecuador, our innovative creator Red works with the Quito-based team and together they make the bean to bar magic right on the spot.